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Build your plan for success. All Staffanation employees get two free hours with a dream coach each month! 

Our Dream Coach can help you live your best life by equipping you with the skills and resoucres you need. Take advantage of this amazing FREE program. Schedule Dream Coach appointments below:

dream coach appointments Jeri Lewis - Dream Coach

Schedule to join our employee assistance program, based on the methods outlined in the Dream Manager by Matthew Kelly. Jeri, our Dream Coach, is here to help you set and achieve your goals.

American Dream Program

Are you having trouble getting the basics for you and your family? Are you unsure where to get the help you need? Worried that you won't be able to land or keep a job? Feeling like you’re missing out on the American dream?

Discover the resources and tools you need to overcome challenges holding you back from earning a steady paycheck. We offer help with transportation, childcare, housing, clothing, felony expungement, furniture, personal finances, English language programs, getting your GED, college, trade school and career advice.

We're here to help even before you apply for a Staffanation job. Set up Dream Coach appointments; you can change your life.