Top Staffing Agencies? What Your Agency SHOULD Be Doing

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If you are comparing top staffing agencies, it’s good to consider all the steps they take to successfully place applicants. The agency you pick should be willing to go the extra mile for its employer clients. 

Here are some of the ways Staffanation shows we value both our job applicants and corporate clients. 

Seeing the Sites

We’ve learned that starting a new job can be intimidating. It’s challenging for new staff members to know where to park, where to enter the building and what exactly their job responsibilities will be. That’s why we visit new client locations so we can thoroughly brief new employees on what to expect on their first day and beyond. During this pandemic time, we also like to check in with employers to make sure our employees will be kept safe at work. We want to ensure that employers’ job sites are following COVID precautions.

Streamline and Simplify

To help our employers get their new employees as soon as possible, we’ve streamlined the application process. Most of our process is online now for pre-screening. Applicants need to take just a few screening steps in our office, like a drug screen and ID check. (We do offer computers in our lobby for applicants without access to the internet.) Putting most of the process online is convenient for both applicants and employers. The goal is to get applicants on the job faster. Employers who are new to Staffanation can also complete new-client paperwork online as well.

Top Staffing Agencies Care About Employee Success 

A member of the Staffanation team usually checks in to see how candidates are doing within their first few days on the job. We also take a proactive approach to placements: If we have an applicant who we feel would be a good fit for a certain client, we reach out to that employer. Even if there isn’t a current opening, we can schedule an interview so the applicant is ready to start when a job becomes available. 

Removing Barriers

To help as many people as possible get started working, Staffanation offers a unique dream coaching program and help with essential aid. Employees can sign up for free one-on-one coaching to help them overcome challenges with housing, food aid, transportation or childcare. Our Dream Coach program sets us apart from other top staffing agencies. Studies have shown that employees who receive assistance tend to stay in jobs longer. 

Saying It With Cash 

Our employer clients have let us know that retention and attendance are both critical for their success. We incentivize employees to refer friends and family. We offer referral bonuses to employees and bonuses for those who stay in their jobs:  

  • $50 bonus after completing 40 hours
  • $100 bonus after completing one month
  • $150 referral bonus when the referred applicant is hired

Alternative Staffing

Unlike other top staffing agencies, Staffanation operates as an alternative staffing organization. As such, we prioritize employment as the primary path out of poverty to economic self-sufficiency. Using an alternative staffing agency allows employers to make a social impact while meeting their business goals. 

Choosing the Right Agency

As you compare top staffing agencies, we hope you will consider Staffanation. Let us show you how our services will help your organization grow and thrive. Contact us for a no-obligation consultation.  

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