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Ace the Job Interview: What to Wear to a Job Interview

Maybe you’re nervously wondering, “What do I wear to my job interview?” Or, maybe you already have a job lined up and are asking,“What should I wear to work?” If you fit in either of those scenarios, we have you covered from head to toe. 

First off, you’re smart to be concerned about your wardrobe. For better or worse, what you wear makes a memorable impression on the people who will hire or work with you. Read on as we share tips about appropriate attire for an interview and at the workplace.

What to Wear to a Job Interview

Congrats on scoring a job interview! You have the skills they’re looking for and a polished resume: Now you need to seal the deal. Dressing the part is half the battle. What to wear depends on the industry and position you are interviewing for. Don’t go for anything that is too flashy or that would distract the interviewer from your conversation, such as excess jewelry.

If the company’s attire is business professional, it’s time to break out your nicest professional attire. Opt for a suit, button down shirt, knee-length skirt or slacks. Top off the look with dress shoes and a tie, if desired. This is the dress code for industries like finance, banking, government and law.

Business casual simply means you don’t need to wear a suit. But the emphasis is still on “business” not “casual.” Typically, business casual calls for outfits like dress slacks and a dress shirt or collared shirt, khakis and a polo, a conservative skirt with a blouse or a modest dress, plus dress shoes. Industries that require business casual wear include agencies, education and the service industry. Business casual attire is the safest bet if you truly don’t know what the attire is at the place where you’re interviewing. Remember, it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed for an interview.

If the position is in a labor-intensive environment, you can wear a nice pair of jeans with a belt and a conservative shirt, such as a solid t-shirt. (Leave the graphic tees advertising your favorite band or BBQ joint at home.) Be sure to wear closed-toe shoes.

Interview Outfit Examples
From left to right: business professional, business casual and casual outfits

More and more recruiters are utilizing virtual interviewing. If that is the case for your interview, be sure you look workplace ready, at least on the top half! 

Tips for Dressing for the Workplace

What to wear to work each day is just as important as what you wear to the interview. Improper attire can make you seem less credible and even pose safety risks. The type of clothes to wear depends on the industry and position you are in. The same guidelines for what to wear to an interview apply once you get the job as well. 

Be sure to follow all dress codes at work. If you have a uniform, keep it clean. Ask questions if you don’t understand the dress code. PeopleFirst Staffing can help you research the dress code for potential employers. When in doubt, take your cues from your supervisors or managers: How do they dress? Could you dress similarly and still perform your work tasks safely?

Help With Interview or Work Clothing 

If you are in need of clothing assistance, our couch can help. Simply apply for a job and let us know that you need assistance and we can help. If you’re searching for Cincinnati and Dayton job openings, you can apply for a job here.
Other resources: Dress for Success Cincinnati and the Master’s Closet in Hamilton, phone number (513) 896-6755.

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