Warehouse Associates, Forklift Operations, Shipping and Receiving Staffing

PeopleFirst Staffing fills open positions for warehouse jobs across the Cincinnati & Dayton area.

Hiring for Materials Handler?

Are you looking to fill open positions for materials handler, reach truck operator or sit-down forklift operator? At PeopleFirst Staffing, we have years of experience in placing qualified job candidates in positions like these. 

We brief our carefully screened candidates on the duties they will perform on the job and take care of pre-employment drug screening and criminal background checks.

Your operation relies on being fully staffed: Partner with PeopleFirst Staffing to make finding and hiring new team members easier.  

Cincinnati & Dayton Forklift Operations Staffing
Dayton & Cincinnati Warehouse Staffing

Hiring for Warehouse Jobs?

Let's get your warehouse organization on track for growth. PeopleFirst Staffing has years of experience filling positions like:  

  • Pick pack/stock 
  • Forklift operator 
  • Shipping/Receiving 
  • Packaging
  • Shipping job
  • Warehouse associate
  • Materials handler
  • Reach truck operator

You Don't Want Just a "Warm Body"

We take the time to understand your needs and preferences as an employer. As we comb our pool of job seekers looking for warehouse jobs, we make sure to assess their:

  • Experience or willingness to train on the job 
  • Ability to perform manual tasks
  • Education level (high school diploma or GED)
  • Attention to detail and understanding of the importance of safety procedures

With many applicants looking for stable, well-paying warehouse job, we can keep your operations humming. 

Cincinnati & Dayton Warehouse Associates Staffing
Dayton & Cincinnati Shipping and Receiving Staffing

We're In It for the Long Run

We all know that employee retention is critical to maintaining organizational efficiency and profitability. Our goal in matching you with qualified warehouse job candidates is to set everyone up for success. We always share with candidates the advantages of sticking with a job. We provide them with information on the benefits you offer to permanent employees, such as incentive plans, attendance bonuses, a 401(k) plan, paid holidays, vacation time and short-term disability. PeopleFirst Staffing helps you hire for the long haul. 

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