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Choosing the right bank and the right type of checking account is just as important as choosing the right job. Especially if having a checking account is new for you, picking a bank might feel overwhelming. 

First, you want the process to be easy. Second, you want to feel confident in the bank that’s handling your money so you can pay bills and purchase the essentials. KeyBank’s checkless, Hassle-Free Account has a range of features, and it’s flexible and easy to use. 
Here’s why we recommend it to Staffanation employees and job seekers.

No Fees

With the KeyBank Hassle-Free Account, you can manage your money entirely and securely online — without any extra fees for online and mobile banking. Download the mobile app to pay your bills, deposit checks, send money and pay businesses directly from your phone. You don’t need to order any checks with the account. Your online account and mobile app have the same functions as paper checks. So you won’t need to pay for or order paper checks. 

The account gives you a debit Mastercard that has both chip security and tap technology for simplified and safe transactions. You can use it online, on your phone, at any KeyBank branch and at ATMs. You can get cash with the card at KeyBank and Allpoint ATMs nationwide. The debit card comes with Zero Liability Protection. If somebody makes purchases with your card that you didn’t authorize, or if your card is stolen, you won’t be responsible for covering those funds. You’ll have the option to set up automatic bill pay, and you’ll have access to Mastercard customer service 24/7 to answer questions.

The KeyBank Hassle-Free Account doesn’t charge fees. There’s no monthly service fee, and there’s no overdraft fee. (If you haven’t heard the term before, “overdraft” happens when you write a check for an amount of money that’s more than the amount currently in your account.) While some accounts and banks charge you penalty fees for overdrawing (and will keep charging you daily, making it harder and harder to get your head above water), the Hassle-Free Account won’t allow you to overdraw. If you don’t have enough funds in your account, it won’t allow you to make the purchase. There’s also no minimum balance requirement. You don’t need to worry about maintaining a certain minimum amount of money in your account every month.

Opening Your Account

Setting up a Hassle-Free Account is quick and simple, which is another reason why we recommend it. You only need a valid ID and a minimum deposit of $10 to establish the account. You can apply online easily, but we suggest visiting a KeyBank branch in person in Fairfield. When you connect with a member of the bank’s team, they’ll provide more information about the account and its benefits. They can also give you helpful advice about managing your money in a smart way. Beginning that relationship will pave the way to continued success and mindful planning for the future. 

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