Don't Take Our Word for It

Check out these reviews of our Cincinnati & Dayton temp services.

PeopleFirst Staffing Is Professional

“Awesome people! Straightforward and a pleasure to interact with!"

Kevin H.

“You do a phenomenal job. Better than any other I’ve ever worked with.”

Rebecca M.

“PeopleFirst Staffing is always great with their communication in terms of recruiting new employees and the follow-up of current employees; I can always count on PeopleFirst Staffing to follow through.”

Faye, Human Resources Manager

PeopleFirst Staffing Cares for People

“A big thank you for getting my foot in the door to a life changing job. They care about the people that walk into their office!”

Russell C.

“Five stars! Professional, personal and helpful!”

Julia R.

PeopleFirst Staffing Isn't Just for Temps

“With an immediate need to work and earn, they provided the avenue to interview with an up and coming business. This temp to hire position is perfect for me.”

Milik D.

“For helping my husband in obtaining a permanent full time job, thank you ever so much.”

Noelle W.

PeopleFirst Staffing Is Experienced

“We have developed a great partnership with PeopleFirst Staffing. Their dedication to quality staffing has made an overwhelming difference in the improving culture of our business.”

Bryan, Warehouse Manager

“Everyone was very kind and so helpful. They worked diligently and efficiently.”

Amanda D.

PeopleFirst Staffing Gets Results Fast

“Walked in there on a Monday morning, was working Tuesday morning. Caring and professional.”

Alex S.

“Courteous and professional! Helped me get an awesome job in less than 24 hours.”

Greg R.

“Lots of opportunities through this company and great service with the staff along the way.”

Jessica S.

“The assignments aren’t hard at all, and they make sure you're comfortable with the details before you even leave their office.”

Brian W.

“I had a great experience and was able to find two great new hires! I will look to PeopleFirst Staffing in the future for any of my hiring needs.”

Alyssa, Small Business Owner

“It is essential for our business to have quality temporary employees who can learn quickly but also can fit within our culture. PeopleFirst Staffing goes the extra mile to make sure we get the right candidates and I highly recommend them as a top-notch temporary service provider.”

Charlotte, Director of Employee Services

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