Success Story: From Temp to Hire

Trying to find a job back in 2015 was tough for Justin Phillips. “The job market was very tight and the process was very time-consuming,” he recalls. He submitted resumes everywhere. He had a few leads that led to first interviews, but none of them came through with an offer. 

When a friend told him about Staffanation (which was then known as Premium Personnel), Phillips decided to try getting help from a staffing agency. He met with a placement specialist and was excited about the available job options. “I qualified for everything they had to offer,” he says. 

Temp to Hire Options

Soon, Staffanation sent Phillips out for an in-person interview for an assistant operations manager position. “It was the perfect fit to utilize my previous management and logistics skills” he says, “as well as my aptitude for problem solving.”

Phillips worked in the position for four years. When he felt it was time to move on, Staffanation worked to set up an interview for a new administrative position at a local manufacturing company. “It was less money, but it had potential,” Phillips says. He started as a temp, but was hired as a permanent employee within two months. 

From there, he really took off: “At my six-month mark, I was promoted to assistant production manager and then just recently promoted again to production manager for the tri-state area.” The job’s increased responsibility meant he received a raise. “The pay goes with the title, so I can not complain at all,” Phillips says. “The benefits are phenomenal and the best part of the job is not being micromanaged by another management group.” 

The Agency Advantage

Looking back, Phillips is happy he decided to work with a staffing agency, and with Staffanation in particular. What does he cite as the greatest benefits? “The quick response,” he says, “and not forcing you into a position that you personally did not think was a great fit.” 

He found the Staffanation team to be personally involved in his job hunt. “They are not your average staffing company trying to meet numbers every day. They truly care and want to make sure they find the right fit for the candidate.

“I would absolutely recommend them to anybody struggling to find work or even just looking to make a career change,” he says. “They are very professional, personal and take care of you.”       

More Temp to Hire Success

As Justin Phillips discovered, the vast majority of the positions Staffanation fills are temp to hire. If you or someone you know is looking for a job, our placement specialists are here to help. Submit your application online and the Staffanation team will start working for you immediately. 

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