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How Does a Staffing Agency Find Candidates for Jobs?

One of the characteristics of a top staffing agency is a streamlined and simplified screening and hiring process. Get an inside look at the PeopleFirst Staffing screening process for new job candidates.

What does the staffing agency screening process consist of?

There are two methods that candidates can use to apply to PeopleFirst Staffing. They can fill out an application directly on the PeopleFirst Staffing site, or they can do a “quick apply” to enquire about a job and get more information. “Quick apply” applicants only need to provide very basic information, like their name and what kind of job they’re looking for. Then they will have a follow-up conversation with a member of the PeopleFirst Staffing team to talk about available positions. Some candidates are deterred by a long application, so the quick apply option widens the applicant pool.

Candidates might apply for a specific job but that job might not be a good fit, so PeopleFirst Staffing will help them look for something that better fits their skills. Our staffing specialists ensure that the candidate is the best fit for the job and that the employers’ requirements are met.

How long does the candidate screening process take?

The duration of the application and screening process depends on what the applicant is looking for. Some jobs can begin as soon as the following day. In those instances, if someone applies on a given day and is a good fit, they can quickly go through the onboarding process. Some employers choose to require an interview with them as well. This interview with the employer can add an extra step to the process, but the interview can sometimes be scheduled as soon as the following day. We help employers get the employees they need on the job faster. Moving quickly doesn’t involve cutting corners: Even when the process is expedited, PeopleFirst Staffing won’t send employers unqualified candidates who lack the necessary skills for a job.

How do job candidate screenings help employers?

It can be time-consuming to go through piles of resumes. PeopleFirst Staffing takes on this labor-intensive task by comparing employers’ job descriptions to the skills candidates offer. We eliminate the burden for clients by vetting resumes. We look for specific keywords and prioritize those  resumes for employers. Our upfront screening gives companies more time for other work and helps avoid unpleasant surprises. “Employers can lean on a staffing agency,” Hammons says.

Can employers ask candidates to pass additional screenings or take special skill tests?

When working with PeopleFirst Staffing, you can request additional tests for candidates. Some jobs require workers to be able to read a tape measure; PeopleFirst Staffing offers a tape measure test. Another common requirement is being able to type a certain number of words per minute; PeopleFirst Staffing will administer a test for this as well. PeopleFirst Staffing also takes care of the background testing, ID checks and drug screenings.

Put the Staffing Agency Screening Process to Work for You

Most of our application, screening and onboarding processes are online, which is convenient for both applicants and employers. Tax forms and the I-9 form can all be completed online through PeopleFirst Staffing. Doing drug screening at PeopleFirst Staffing expedites the process for employers so they can get workers on their premises faster. 

To strengthen our applicants, we bring up our employee incentive program, as soon as candidates apply with us. Employers appreciate that PeopleFirst Staffing sees each applicant not just as someone who needs a job but as someone they want to help and care about. If you dread screening candidates only for them to fall short, lean on PeopleFirst Staffing to hand-pick the best candidates for your job openings. Book an appointment with our pros to discuss your Cincinnati and Dayton hiring needs.

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