Staffanation Joins Alternative Staffing Alliance

Staffanation has joined the Alternative Staffing Alliance, an association of alternative staffing organizations (ASOs) that view employment as the primary path out of poverty to economic self-sufficiency.

Tim Rettig and a group of partners who are passionate about employee ownership recently acquired a 30-year-old commercial staffing company in Fairfield, Ohio, and renamed it Staffanation. Rettig intends to scale the business to a size where an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) can be implemented for the company’s administrative staff.

Democratic governance practices and open-book management have already been introduced at Staffanation, building toward an ownership culture. Staffanation plans to add skills training opportunities and financial literacy supports for job candidates. 

Alternative Staffing Alliance Values

Employee ownership, training and support for job seekers all align with the values set out by companies that belong to the Alternative Staffing Alliance. According to the alliance, member companies “combine the market orientation of a staffing firm with the worker focus and supports of a job developer to satisfy employer demand for qualified, reliable workers and help individuals achieve their employment goals.”

Supporting workers both before job placement and after placement is an important way alternative staffing organizations (ASOs) differ from conventional staffing suppliers. Employers find the additional services ASOs offer to be valuable, as well. Among the services various ASOs provide are: job coaching; case management; transportation; and job-related equipment such as tools, clothing and boots. The majority of ASOs also provide training in job skills and financial literacy. 

The Alternative Staffing Alliance states that “by providing a bridge to employment, the staffing business plays an important role in improving people’s economic prospects and independence.” For more information, visit

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