Land that Job! Resume Help in Cincinnati

Nobody looks forward to writing a resume. Some people avoid job hunting altogether because they’re not sure how to write one. If you’re looking for resume help in Cincinnati, the placement specialists at Staffanation are here for you.  

During your meeting with a placement specialist, you will receive expert advice on your resume. Before the meeting, it’s a good idea for you to make a few notes on the following: 

What Work Have You Done?

If you have work experience, write out a list of places where you’ve worked (including company name and location), your job responsibilities and your starting and ending dates for each job. Include specific job titles if possible. If you’ve worked for other temp agencies, list the names of the company or companies where you were assigned (not the name of the temp agency) and what type of work you were responsible for. 

In addition to paid work experience, you might also be able to include volunteer work or school activities, so make a list of those, too.

What Skills Do You Have?

Now think about what skills you used at previous jobs, if you have work experience. Start by listing any equipment you are certified to use or computer programs you have used like Microsoft Word or Microsoft Outlook. Any skills or software you learned in school counts. For instance, if you used Google documents in group projects, you would include that skill on your list. Do you speak a language in addition to English? Add that to the list. 

Also include your educational background. Many employers are looking for workers with GEDs, high school diplomas or some college experience. If you hold any certifications, like a commercial driver’s license, be sure to tell your Staffanation placement specialist as he or she gives you resume help in Cincinnati.

What Are Your Strengths?

Beyond hard skills like welding or word processing, “soft” skills are important to employers, too. These skills include things like being organized, hard-working or a fast learner. Not sure what your strengths are? Ask coworkers or classmates what they think. It might also be useful to think about the things people have told you you are good at.

During your meeting with a Staffanation placement specialist, you will find ways to match your strengths with open job positions.

Getting in Touch

Finally, be sure an interested employer can easily contact you: Add your full name, phone number and email address to your resume. Don’t forget to listen to your outgoing message on your phone’s voicemail. Does it sound professional? If not, update it. Then, make sure you check and answer your voice messages and emails promptly. You’ve done the hard work of resume-writing and interviewing: You don’t want to let any opportunities get away. 

Getting Resume Help in Cincinnati

To format your resume, you can start with a template like those found in Microsoft Word resume templates or under “Personal” on Google docs. Of course it is also extremely important for the resume to be free from errors. Ask someone you trust or your placement specialist to proofread it. Sometimes having more than one person read over a document is a good way to catch errors in spelling or grammar. 

Your next job is out there waiting for you. Don’t let resume-writing stop you from applying. When it comes to getting resume help in Cincinnati, the Staffanation team is eager to serve you. Your first step is to apply online. Then a placement specialist will call you for a phone interview. Right now, there are many job openings in our area; one of them is sure to fit your experience, strength and skills. 

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