Janitorial and Custodial Staffing

PeopleFirst Staffing fills open positions for custodial and janitorial staffing across the Cincinnati & Dayton area.

Hiring Janitors and Custodians?

We understand you need hard-working, dedicated team members to help care for your facilities.  

When we help you staff for these open positions, we look for candidates who are committed to keeping office spaces in clean and orderly condition. We walk potential employees through the duties of the job and comply with your policies regarding pre-employment drug screening and criminal background checks.

Make the process of hiring janitorial or custodial staff easier: Choose PeopleFirst Staffing as your Cincinnati and Dayton area staffing agency.

Dayton & Cincinnati Janitorial Staffing Services
Janitorial Staffing Agency in Cincinnati & Dayton

Time for a Clean Sweep

Take hiring for janitors and custodians off your plate. Trust PeopleFirst Staffing's experience in identifying solid candidates for positions like:  

  • Janitor
  • Custodian
  • General cleaner
  • Maintenance worker 
  • Maintenance custodian
  • Daytime custodian 
  • Commercial cleaner 
  • Overnight custodian
  • Janitorial floater

Assessing Janitorial Job Seekers

As you search for a new member of your custodial staff, you're looking for trustworthy individuals. When we screen candidates for these types of jobs, we also focus on: 

  • People with some experience or willingness to train on the job. 
  • Criminal background checks and drug screenings.
  • The candidate's ability to perform manual tasks, lift, stand for long periods of time and use tools.
  • A positive, can-do attitude.

If you're finding it time-consuming or frustrating to hire janitorial staff, we can help.  

Cincinnati & Dayton Custodial Staffing Services
Janitorial and Custodial Staffing Agency

In It for the Long Run

We understand that you want your new hires to stick around. Many companies that partner with PeopleFirst Staffing offer full benefits packages to permanent hires. We share with candidates the details of your company's benefits, like incentive plans, paid time off, bonuses for attendance bonuses and 401(k) plans. Make hiring easier: Rely on our deep experience as a Cincinnati & Dayton staffing agency. Let's work together to find the best people to maintain your facilities for years to come.

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