It’s a Job Seekers’ Market: Why This July Is a Great Time to Get a New Job in Cincinnati

This July, across Cincinnati, even with the pandemic, hundreds of jobs are open and companies are desperate for candidates. At Staffanation alone, we have more than 120 new jobs in Cincinnati open right now. 

Is it worth applying for new jobs in Cincinnati now? 

Yes. July 2020 is an awesome time to apply for a job! At Staffanation, for example, a candidate can walk in, get hired and start work the next day. Here are five reasons why July 2020 is the best time to find new jobs in Cincinnati:

1. Take your pick of the best Cincinnati employers. 

With so many companies looking for good people. Now’s the time to get your pick of the best of the best of Cincinnati companies that are great places to work. Many of the best local companies from manufacturing firms to logistics firms are hiring. We have job openings in Butler and Warren counties, too.

2. Get ahead of the crowd. 

On July 31, the unemployment bonus payments will run out. A lot of other people will suddenly be looking for new jobs in Cincinnati and the competition will be high.

3. Stand out from your peers who are looking for new jobs in Cincinnati.

One of our recent job candidates started a new job and was hired on full time within his first week. If you are looking for work now, it shows you are proactive and a go-getter. These are both strong traits that employers are looking for.

4. Have more seniority. 

Starting now will put you ahead of the crowds in August that will begin applying for jobs when unemployment runs out. A month on the job will give you a head start on learning the company and its processes. You will be able to help other new people when they join. Having more seniority means you will be eligible for more job perks sooner. 

5. Make more than unemployment with overtime.

With many companies looking for workers, many of our jobs offer as much overtime as you care to work. This can make your take home higher than unemployment today.

6. Bonus Tip: Starting now gives you more time to get comfortable with safe job practices before the rush.

All of the employers we work with have safe work environments. We have chosen not to work with any companies we feel are unsafe. Many companies have created safe distance barriers between workstations or require all employees to wear face masks. 

Ready to get going on your next chapter? Apply online today. 

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