Temp Is Not a 4-Letter Word: Is Temporary Staffing for You?

Your perception of temporary workers is most likely based on your own experience–for better or worse. As you decide whether to use a Cincinnati temporary staffing agency, consider these factors:

Temporary Staffing Is Widespread

In 2018, temporary and contract staffing employed about 16.8 million people. Every week, according to industry statistics, 3 million temporary employees report to jobs across the country. The popularity of temporary employment means your company will have many temporary staffing agencies in Cincinnati to choose from. You can select one that best fits your company’s needs and provides a deep pool of qualified job candidates.

With so many companies using temps, the processes involved have been honed and tested. You should be able to count on an agency to make hiring temps as streamlined and easy for you as possible.

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Flexibility Works Both Ways

Your organization might have consistent, recurring temporary needs for workers or fluctuations an uncertain economy causes. In these instances, using temporary labor allows your business to save money by holding permanent staffing to the size you need to cover minimum demand levels. Temps can also cover emergency needs when staff is absent or you need to quickly ramp up production or services.  

For workers who choose temporary jobs, flexibility is often a draw. Some employees prefer short-term assignments or supplemental work instead of long-term positions. Temporary jobs offer a viable option in those situations.

You “Try Before You Buy”

Like other companies, you can hire permanent staff from your pool of temporary employees. Doing so allows you to get to know temps and their abilities before bringing them on full time. And your company can take pride in opening a career path to a motivated temporary worker looking for a stable job. 

The temp-to-hire model also provides your company the benefit of a larger return on investment in training and orientation. Using a temporary staffing agency saves you time because the agency takes care of recruiting, paperwork and screening. You’re able to quickly tap into work-ready candidates who are already vetted. 

If for some reason a temp is not well-suited for a permanent job in your company, you can release that worker back to the agency with no obligations. In essence, the temporary agency provides no-risk recruitment.

Temps Possess a Variety of Skills

If you haven’t researched temporary employees lately, you may be surprised to learn that temps work in a wide range of industries at varying skill levels. Especially in a time of recession, skilled workers may be searching for job openings in their field. Temps with previous experience at companies like yours may already be proficient in skills needed for your open positions. In fact, you’ll find temps in a range of industries like accounting, assembling, healthcare, information technology, banking and logistics. 

In the long run, identifying a temporary staffing agency with connections to the skilled workers you need can pay off. As your partner, the agency will be there to help you fill ongoing openings over the years and will keep your company in mind when screening candidates. 

If you have questions about working with a staffing agency, we’d be happy to provide answers. Contact us today. 

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