How We Give Back

Our business makes meaningful change

Who We Are

At Staffanation, collaboration, passion, innovation, tenacity, humility, and a people-focused mindset have always been at the core of who we are. As we work hard and impact the people and world around us, our business creates opportunities to make meaningful change. We strive to build a better future for communities around the world as we give back. 

As a business, we’ve joined other early-stage companies to give back in the Pledge 1% movement, globally recognized as one of Fast Company’s World’s Most Innovative Companies and #1 Nonprofit.

To this end, we’re giving back 1 percent of our profits to SELF (Supports to Encourage Low-Income Families), Shared Harvest Food Bank, CBI (Community Building Institute in Middletown), Kingswell, Family Service of Middletown, Fairfield Food Pantry and Hope House Mission.

We aim to not only provide the best service possible for our job seekers and employer clients, but also strengthen our relationships and give back to our surrounding communities.

Our Core Values in Action

As one of the leading Staffing Agencies in Cincinnati, Staffanation operates on four core values. We look for new team members who also hold these values.

Genuinely Humble

We recognize that we always have room for improvement.


Our company's mission is not an easy one. It will take a lot of work to make progress, but the future will be better for it. 


We are always looking for better ways to provide our services in order to improve our company and reach our goals.


Our Core Values


For us to succeed we need to work together as a team. We always put we over me.


Our company's mission requires people who are internally driven by the desire to help others.

People Focused

Our business is all about helping people succeed. When others succeed because of us, we have also succeeded.

Why We Play the Great Game of Business

Central to how Staffanation operates are open and transparent financials. That means that Staffanation shares all the financial information about the company with all the employees. Staffanation employees also receive financial literacy training so that everyone knows what the numbers mean. It's called the Great Game of Business because there are rules to follow, we keep score and everyone has a stake in the outcome.