How to Choose: Cincinnati Local Staffing Agency or National Agency

Whether you have dozens of job openings to fill now or know you will in the future, finding help with all aspects of hiring would make your life easier. Choosing between a Cincinnati local staffing agency or a national agency requires some background information. Here are some ways these types of agencies differ.  

Benefits Differ

Unlike a national company, or even a locally operated franchise of a national company, a local staffing agency has in-depth knowledge of the regional markets. If you need to hire third-shift warehouse help, for example, a Cincinnati local staffing agency would know just where to advertise your open positions to get the greatest response.  

A local agency’s familiarity with regional industries and employers helps you, too. When a job candidate with certain skills applies, local agency placement specialists know immediately where those skills could be put to use. This quick access to a pool of local candidates pays off when an employer faces emergency staffing needs, too. 

Unlike a national staffing company, a Cincinnati local staffing agency will have firsthand knowledge of local employers’ facilities and the working conditions there. A local agency’s ability to match candidates with employers is honed by years (or maybe even decades) of experience in working with the region’s employers. Local agencies can tour workplaces and even hold job fairs on-site for employers.

Another benefit of a local staffing agency to consider: As a fellow business owner in your city or town, the local agency has a greater stake in your community and its economy. You’re more likely to know someone on the staff, or be referred by a local colleague. You might meet the owner of a staffing agency through your chamber of commerce, regional networking group or through word of mouth. 

One feature of an established local staffing agency is tenured employees. A quick call or search on LinkedIn can verify the longevity of the local agency’s staff. Working with an account manager who is in the business for the long run allows you to form a more effective partnership. While the local agency sticks around, a national agency may fly by night.   

Cincinnati Local Staffing Agency Pricing

In general, national staffing agencies or their local franchises charge employers higher rates. And, as you compare costs of staffing agencies, remember to consider all the expenses involved in hiring. Running ads, collecting and reviewing applications, screening and interviewing all take time. An agency that can shorten your time to hire and fill empty positions that may be hurting productivity is a valuable asset. National agencies could charge uniform fees, regardless of regional economies. A local agency can typically offer custom solutions with personalized service at competitive rates.   

If you are comparing a Cincinnati local staffing agency with national agencies and have questions, we’d be happy to talk. Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation.

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