How Is Staffanation Handling COVID Safety?

We know operating your business has been difficult during the pandemic. To give our employer partners peace of mind, here is information on the preventative measures we at Staffanation are taking to reduce the impact of coronavirus. We always have COVID safety in mind, starting with our office, we:

  • Ask health status questions before anyone comes into our office.
  • Use a wall-mounted, no-touch infrared thermometer to check the temperature of anyone entering the office.
  • Limit the number of people in our office to 50 percent capacity.
  • Ask applicants to complete onboarding documentation remotely from home.
  • Issue masks to all applicants so they are prepared for interviewing and to start their first day on the job with you.

Managing the New Norm

Do you have specific COVID safety policies you have implemented such as a health questionnaire to ask all visitors? Let us know and we can include it in our hiring process for your company.

If any Staffanation employee needs to take time off from work to wait for test results or quarantine, we provide them full pay for up to two weeks through FFCRA. Their time off doesn’t cost you anything, and it reduces the risk of affected employees infecting others at their place of employment.

COVID Safety Questions?

We want to ensure the safety and well-being of our clients and employees during these challenging times. Please contact our management team with any questions or concerns.

  • Nichol Phillips, operations manager, direct line: 513-810-4521
  • Rachel Telinda, human resources specialist, direct line: 513-810-4522

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