Helping You Succeed: Staffanation’s Dream Coach

Dream Coach Jeri Lewis

What’s keeping you out of the job market or making it hard to stay at a job? Our Dream Coach program wants to know and help.

The program, based on The Dream Manager book, helps people break through barriers, set goals and make dreams a reality. At the center is our new dream coach, Jeri Lewis. Her first priority is to “be a safe place where people can share things they’re struggling with.” Staffanation employees can take advantage of free coaching sessions with Lewis.

Solving Problems and Moving Forward

Employees who meet with Lewis will feel understood and supported. “I’m the person who believes in them,” she says. Even before job applicants become Staffanation employees, Lewis offers help. She has created a comprehensive list of helpful resources in the area. These resources point to Fairfield and Cincinnati agencies and nonprofits that help people find food, clothing, housing, legal help, transportation and more. “You don’t have to be a Staffanation employee to take advantage of these resources,” Lewis explains

Once immediate needs are taken care of, Lewis works with employees as the dream coach to set short-term goals. These goals might involve accomplishments like getting a car fixed, finding childcare or furnishing an apartment on a budget. “It starts small and grows bigger,” she says.

Weekly thirty-minute meetings with the dream coach help employees set long-term goals like saving up for a house or reducing credit card debt. Some employees want to expunge a felony record or work toward a diploma. When these reasons to find and keep steady employment are the focus, showing up and doing the work feels purposeful and more rewarding.

The First Dream Coach Session

What can employees expect when they meet with our dream coach? It starts with a caring conversation with Lewis. “I’m here to support them,” she says. Once any barriers are identified, individuals will work to list three to five short-term goals. Lewis will help map out the steps to reach those goals. Once people begin to make those dreams a reality, they get very excited to shoot for even larger goals.

Start Here

If you aren’t a Staffanation employee yet, apply online for one of our many Cincinnati job openings. If you are an employee and would like to meet our dream coach, book an appointment here. 

Workers who are part of a dream coaching program tend to be more engaged, according to The Dream Manager author Matthew Kelly. And pursuing their dreams contributes to moving company objectives forward, as well. If you’re an employer interested in creating a dream coach program of your own, we’d love to talk with you. Or, you can get started by reading The Dream Manager.  

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