Help Staffanation and GLTAAC Grants Increase American Manufacturing Competitiveness

At Staffanation, we love watching the growth of regional companies and their local employees.

As smaller manufacturers continue to get hurt by imports, the Great Lakes Trade Adjustment Assistance Center (GLTAAC) is offering grants and recovery plans to ease that pain and reverse those losses. These GLTAAC grants bring back manufacturers’ global competitiveness and help increase profits, staffing and endurance in the market.

Cincinnati manufacturer Automated Machine Systems recently received this help and funding. Our Staffanation team wants to see continued manufacturing growth in the region (and the good jobs that come with it). As such, we are asking you to spread the word among struggling manufacturers that could benefit from GLTAAC grants.


GLTAAC has helped regional manufacturers for nearly four decades. The institute succeeds in helping companies regain their competitive edge. They are part of the Economic Growth Institute at University of Michigan where they direct the Trade Adjustment Assistance for Firms (TAAF) of the Great Lakes region. Ultimately, GLTAAC provides grants to small and mid-sized manufacturers in Indiana, Ohio and Michigan. 

They help in the here-and-now as well as the future, offering support for short- and long-term goals. The organization personalizes projects and recovery plans based on each company’s specific needs. Every manufacturer they’ve assisted since 2015 is still in business, showing GLTAAC’s success. GLTAAC aid could assist your manufacturing business next.

Personalized Success Stories

GLTAAC’s secret to success is that they customize planning and funding rather than using a “one size fits all” method. They respond to each manufacturer’s specific needs with specific solutions. This enables companies to increase their ability to compete through whatever services best serve them.

The GLTAAC grant has three steps: qualification, planning and implementation. To qualify, imports must have affected a company’s sales and employment. GLTAAC first ensures that these qualifications are met. In the planning step, GLTAAC and the manufacturer analyze their strengths and weaknesses. Then they determine where that company can grow and decide on projects to make that happen. Finally, they make this recovery plan a reality through implementation. In order to make that happen and build competitiveness, manufacturers can receive up to $75,000 from GLTAAC. 

Because GLTAAC understands that each company needs unique solutions, they offer funding in a variety of services. Previous success stories have included projects in new technology, internet marketing, sales development, productivity improvement and talent acquisition.

Help a Manufacturer Get GLTAAC Grants

Any manufacturing company in Ohio, Michigan or Indiana that has been affected by imports may qualify for this funding, and you can refer them for a GLTAAC grant.

Contact Jani Hatchett, who manages the GLTAAC grants projects. You can schedule a conversation here or call her at (743) 998-6227. She can determine a manufacturing company’s qualification for TAAF funds, and GLTAAC works from there. We at Staffanation want to see regional manufacturers get back their competitive advantage, and we know you do, too!

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