First Day on the Job? Don’t Freak Out!

A new place, new people, new responsibilities, a new commute… It’s easy to see why the first day on the job can feel overwhelming. The important thing is just to start. Remember, you were hired because of your skills and abilities: You CAN do this! 

Here are seven ways to make your first day easier:  

  1. Remember it’s not just you. Everyone at your new workplace was a rookie once, too. They understand that it will take time for you to learn your way around. 
  2. Do a trial run. If possible, practice getting to the workplace before your first day. Knowing how long it will take to get to work allows you to arrive on time, or even early. Leave time for dealing with traffic by practicing in rush hour if that’s when you’ll be commuting.   
  3. Get informed. If you’re a Staffanation employee starting a new job, ask your placement specialist for details on what to wear or bring, where to go when you arrive at work and what the first day might be like. Find out where to park or the location of the nearest bus stop. Getting basic information takes away some of those first-day-on-the-job jitters. 
  4. Buddy up. Do you know someone at the new job? Ask him or her to give you a ride on your first day or at least explain what the employer might expect from you.  
  5. Listen first, then ask. As you learn new tasks, you will probably be given a lot of instructions or advice. Listen carefully. Take notes if that will help jog your memory. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. People who have been doing a job for awhile may have a hard time explaining how it’s done. If something doesn’t make sense to you, ask for clarification. Be patient with yourself. You might need to ask the same questions again on your second or third day, too.   
  6. Be friendly. You may not remember people’s names, but make the effort to introduce yourself to everyone you meet. Talk to people in the break room. Asking questions like, “How long have you worked here?” or “What do you do here?” is a good way to break the ice. 
  7. Reach out for help. Feeling especially nervous? Contact your Staffanation placement specialist or our dream coach. We all want to help you succeed! 

First Day on the Job Reminders

Being the newbie can feel uncomfortable. Fortunately, it will get easier, we promise. Soon, you will feel more at home. You’ll master your new responsibilities, recognize coworkers and maybe even make friends. Think about looking forward to payday and feeling proud of your abilities. And you should feel proud: Starting something new and sticking with it is a terrific accomplishment. 

Start Here

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