Finding Jobs with a GED, High School Diploma (or Without One)

Many job candidates wonder what types of jobs they are eligible for. Often, people are surprised at the range of openings available for those who have a GED, high school diploma or neither. If you’re looking for jobs with a GED or high school diploma, or if you don’t have either, read on.

GED vs. High School Diploma

Sometimes our job candidates ask what the difference is between a high school diploma and a GED. Students must complete coursework at a traditional high school or affiliated vocational school to earn a diploma. To qualify for a GED, you must pass a series of general educational development (GED) tests. In Ohio, anyone over 18 can take the tests, making GED certification a viable option for older adults who did not complete high school. (In order to find out more, go to  

Keep in mind that most employers (and many colleges and universities) view GEDs and other high school equivalency tests as equal to a high school diploma. 

Jobs with a GED or Diploma

In Greater Cincinnati, as well as across the country, many industries hire employees with these credentials who haven’t taken college classes or earned a degree. Because of that, you can expect to qualify for jobs like: 

  • Cleaner or janitor 
  • Maintenance technician
  • Office administrator or clerical worker
  • Customer service or call center representative
  • Warehouse worker (assembler, picker/packer, forklift driver) 
  • Machine operator 

Remember that although no college degree is required for many of these jobs, employers will look for people with experience when filling certain job openings. Certain skills or prior experience is sometimes required for jobs like: 

  • Skilled machine operators
  • Forklift or reach truck drivers
  • Call center representative
  • Maintenance technician

In some instances, however, employers are willing to train candidates on the job. Our placement specialists can review your past work experience. Then they will help you narrow down which positions you qualify for.  

Jobs with No GED or Diploma 

Like the list of jobs with a GED above, there are many positions in Greater Cincinnati that do not require a GED or high school diploma. Current jobs in our Staffanation system that are open to all include: 

  • Warehouse production
  • Assemblers 
  • Third-shift warehouse workers

Make the Call 

The majority of job openings Staffanation fills are temp-to-hire. In other words, a job candidate accepts a position temporarily. After a certain time period, if the job is a good match for both the employer and employee, the candidate can be hired as an employee of the company. 

Our current job openings include many that pay up to $1,263 per week with guaranteed overtime. Bonuses are now available to candidates based on attendance or referrals. If you’re in the market for jobs with a GED or high school diploma (or without one), contact us now or apply online.   

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