Moving Forward: Examples of Goals Reached Through Our Dream Coaching Program

What Is Dream Coaching? 

Jeri Lewis loves her job as Staffanation’s Dream Coach. She will happily tell that to anyone she talks to. Some people are curious and wonder just what is dream coaching. We recently had the chance to talk with Jeri to get some insight into Staffanation’s Dream Coaching Program and the profound impact it has had on people. 

First things first: Dream coaching isn’t about making sense of the dreams or nightmares we have when sleeping. Instead, Jeri helps employees envision their own goals and dreams for a better life. 

Who Is Dream Coaching For?

Staffanation employees are eligible for dream coaching sessions with Jeri. They can reserve at least five sessions of one-on-one coaching and each session has a different theme, Jeri explains. The first meeting is for get-to-know-you purposes, both on behalf of Jeri and the employee. During the second meeting, she and the employee talk about short-term goals. Jeri ends the conversation by challenging the employee to choose three long-term goals to set during the next meeting. 

The third meeting is where big shifts really start to bubble up. The employee identifies long-term or “big” goals that take more time and effort to accomplish. At the fourth meeting, Jeri presents the employee with a list or “life map” with target dates for accomplishing both the short- and long-term goals. The fifth meeting is the time to check in on employees’ progress towards their goals. Any additional meetings also go over progress and provide a space to address barriers that pop up along the way.

Does Dream Coaching Work? 

The impact of our Dream Coach program has a ripple effect. Jeri explains that each employee-participant is different when it comes to the specific goals that they set. Some short-term goals she has seen include setting a budget, getting a checking account, opening a savings account, committing to exercise and creating a life-rhythm to follow. 

Success with “smaller” goals makes bigger goals seem achievable. Long-term goals Jeri has helped employees work toward include felony expungement, buying a house, buying a car, getting out of debt, obtaining GED certification and enrolling in college.

Most participants start off feeling nervous because they have never worked with a dream coach or life coach before, Jeri says. When they achieve their goals, many experience a great deal of emotion and disbelief. This transfers into confidence that they can make and reach more goals. 

Jeri takes great pleasure in seeing people achieve their goals. Overcoming setbacks is especially rewarding for her to see because it shows perseverance and a likelihood to continue experiencing success in the future. “When there is a bump, I encourage them not to give up but to look at it as a reminder to keep going,” she says.

For Jeri, it’s especially rewarding when participants are the first in their family to reach certain goals such as buying a house, opening a bank account or going to college. She celebrates every goal reached and cheers participants on as they move along their life map and make progress toward their goals. 

Why Is Dream Coaching Important?

As an employer, Staffanation finds that helping our workers plan and achieve goals makes a big difference. As described in the book Dream Manager, employees who take part in these types of programs are better able to keep jobs. They also find work to be much more rewarding.  

Achievement Is What Dream Coaching Is All About

As a Staffanation employee, you can join our American Dream program and meet with Jeri Lewis. She has expertise on many challenges people face as they search for jobs and start to earn a steady paycheck. 

Experience Dream Coaching for yourself and see the pieces come together in the puzzle of achieving your goals. Apply here:

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