Interview Questions For Future Employers

Interview Questions for Future Employers

By staffanation / January 12, 2021

We get it: interviews can be stressful. There’s a lot on the line, and it might be your first time going through the process. We recommend preparing some questions to ask the interviewer at the end of your time together. Having interview questions ready will help you learn if the job fits your skills. It…

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Giving Back: Staffanation Donates to Local Nonprofit Organizations

By staffanation / January 11, 2021

Last year was challenging in many ways; for businesses, for families, for all of us. With so many struggling amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, our Staffanation team felt it was important to give back to local nonprofit organizations. These organizations are experiencing higher demands than ever. Despite the circumstances, they have continued to provide assistance to…

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checking account

Try a Checkless Checking Account

By staffanation / December 17, 2020

Choosing the right bank and the right type of checking account is just as important as choosing the right job. Especially if having a checking account is new for you, picking a bank might feel overwhelming.  First, you want the process to be easy. Second, you want to feel confident in the bank that’s handling…

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covid relief for renters and homeowners

COVID Relief Money Could Help Butler Co. Renters and Homeowners

By staffanation / December 14, 2020

Our Staffanation Dream Coach, Jeri Lewis, shares an exciting program that may be able to help Butler County residents impacted by COVID. Here’s Jeri Lewis: I know things are tough right now, but grant money may be available to help you pay your rent or mortgage. If COVID has affected your employment in any way,…

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improve employee attendance

5 Ways to Improve Employee Attendance

By staffanation / December 3, 2020

You’ve just hired a new employee for your organization. The new hire checked off all the boxes during the interview stage: motivated, qualified and enthusiastic. The first week went great: the second, not so much. It wasn’t a big deal when they called off on Monday, or even Tuesday. But Wednesday and Thursday as well?…

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Dream Coach Jeri Lewis

Helping You Succeed: Staffanation’s Dream Coach

By staffanation / November 19, 2020

What’s keeping you out of the job market or making it hard to stay at a job? Our Dream Coach program wants to know and help. The program, based on The Dream Manager book, helps people break through barriers, set goals and make dreams a reality. At the center is our new dream coach, Jeri…

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First day on the job

First Day on the Job? Don’t Freak Out!

By staffanation / November 15, 2020

A new place, new people, new responsibilities, a new commute… It’s easy to see why the first day on the job can feel overwhelming. The important thing is just to start. Remember, you were hired because of your skills and abilities: You CAN do this!  Here are seven ways to make your first day easier:  …

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worker owned companies

New Help for Worker-Owned Companies in Cincinnati

By staffanation / November 5, 2020

Staffanation’s interim owner, Tim Rettig, was recently featured in the Cincinnati Business Courier article about worker-owned companies. The topic, and the reason why Rettig calls himself an “interim owner,” all tie together.   A serial entrepreneur, Rettig launched Intrust IT, a managed service provider in Blue Ash in 1992. Then, in 2019, he sold the company…

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How Is Staffanation Handling COVID Safety?

By staffanation / November 2, 2020

We know operating your business has been difficult during the pandemic. To give our employer partners peace of mind, here is information on the preventative measures we at Staffanation are taking to reduce the impact of coronavirus. We always have COVID safety in mind, starting with our office, we: Ask health status questions before anyone…

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resume help in cincinnati

Land that Job! Resume Help in Cincinnati

By staffanation / October 15, 2020

Nobody looks forward to writing a resume. Some people avoid job hunting altogether because they’re not sure how to write one. If you’re looking for resume help in Cincinnati, the placement specialists at Staffanation are here for you.   During your meeting with a placement specialist, you will receive expert advice on your resume. Before the…

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